Three Brothers.
Three Locations.
One Passion.

From three iconic New Zealand landscapes to the kitchen table. Experience the different tastes our regions have to offer; excellent quality and carefully crafted, artisan honey.

In New Zealand we can be at the mercy of the weather and each region is different. Snow, rain, wind and drought are elements we embrace and work with, rather than begrudge. 

We nurture our bees as spring flowers come and the queen wakes from her winter hibernation to start laying thousands of eggs. This is the start of new worker bees growing fat and healthy, ready to start a new season of nectar gathering.

We hold our breath, willing the equinox winds not to be too fierce, and pray the early summer rains will fall on time, so the pastures and trees grow and bloom.

We shift our bees to where the flowers are most. We are guests here and have respect for the land and its guardians.

Harvest is heavy, sweaty work. We are young, fit and strong. It’s a race to gather the honey and extract it from the frames, moving from hive site to hive site to gather more – following as we go, the pattern of the worker bees.

Once the harvest season ends, we have time to taste, select and celebrate the best. We select only our finest honeys from New Zealand’s South Island to bring to your table.

We hope you enjoy our selection.