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Local clover honey, Fiordland

An abundance of rain and silty loam soils are the right ingredients to make something special.  Way down South when the sun has warmed the rolling landscape of the Te Anau Basin the farm pastures grow lush and green and then turn creamy white as the clover blooms.  The bees make the most of the long summer evenings in these parts to collect this consistently white smooth sweet Fiordland Clover honey.  Try it in a berry smoothy or as a sweetener in baking.  It's slight lemony flavour is wonderful by the spoonful for a quick burst of energy.

Our other honey comes in two flavours: Fiordland manuka and Glenorcjy manuka.

Honey producer area
Nectar source
Slight lemony
Sweet, Light; Creamed
Where to buy
TWIZEL: Mackenzie 4 Square, Lake Ruataniwha Campground, Sweet Moo || OMARAMA: Pink Gliders Cafe || MOSSBURN: Bracken Hall || TE ANAU: Dusky Ridge, Te Anau 4 Square, Kiwi Country || GLENORCHY: Glenorchy Trading post
Fiordland Clover honey - 250g