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Local manuka honey, Fiordland

Flavourful manuka

If you venture into the southwestern corner of New Zealand, Fiordland will take your breath away. Steep mountains rise from glacier carved fiords. It's wild and beautiful and wet. And then it's sunny and fine… and wet again. Manuka grows fearlessly here and the bees take every opportunity to work this exquisite flower. Fiordland Manuka honeys flavour is bold and brave. Start your day with some real energy food if you are going to venture into Fiordland. Put it in your homemade muesli. Spread it on a cracker with blue cheese. Drizzle in over your smoked trout

We also produce manuka honey around Glenorchy and clover honey.

Honey producer area
Nectar source
Fearlessly bold
Golden goodness; Creamed
Where to buy
OMARAMA: Pink Gliders Cafe || TE ANAU: Alpine Cafe, Dusky Ridge, Te Anau 4 Square || MOSSBURN: Bracken Hall || GLENORCHY: Glenorchy Trading post || QUEENSTOWN: Alpine 4 Square
Fiordland Manuka - 250g