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Local Hanmer Springs Honeydew honey

Want to try something different? Then Hamner Springs Honeydew is the honey for you. This delectable honey comes from the aphids that live on the bark of the native Black Beech tree. The aphids extract sugars from the bark which hang in tiny shining droplets- hence the name honeydew- and the bees gather this. Honeydew can flow many times of the year from late spring to early autumn…even sometimes in winter.

This honey is strong and savoury in taste and has the texture of maple syrup. Smear it on your pancakes or use it in a marinade for your roast meat for a unique taste sensation. Try it in your baking or as an accompaniment to your savoury hors d'oeuvres.

You could also try Hanmer's Manuka honey and Wildflower honey.

Honey producer area
Nectar source
Strong, Savoury
Amber, Liquid
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TWIZEL: Lake Ruataniwha Campground, Sweet Moos, Mackenzie 4 Square || OMARAMA: Pink Gliders Cafe || HANMER SPRINGS: Salt n Pepper Fresh, Hanmer Springs i-Site || GARSTON: Garstons Hunny Shop || MOSSBURN: Bracken Hall || TE ANAU: Te Anau 4 Square
Hanmer Springs Honeydew honey - 250g