Hanmer Springs location
Hanmer Springs local manuka honey

A bee dances to communicate its food source. Quick short steps clockwise, then anticlockwise say nectar is near. A figure of eight while wagging its tail says food is further afield. For Hanmer Springs Multi Floral Manuka Honey the bee dances towards manuka but picks up other nectars along the way to make this mild flavoured, versatile Hanmer manuka honey.  

An excellent honey for the pantry as it goes with everything – try it on hard cheese, by the spoonful or as a glaze for your ham.

Our delicious alternatives are Hanmer Wildflower honey and Hanmer honeydew honey.

Honey producer area
Nectar source
Multi-floral Manuka, Gentle Manuka, Slightly earthy
Smooth, Easy eating; Creamed
Where to buy
TWIZEL: Twizel 4 Square || HANMER SPRINGS: Salt n Pepper Fresh, Hanmer Springs i-Site
Hanmer Multi-Floral Manuka honey - 250g