Local Hanmer Springs Wildflower honey

Imagine going to a smorgasbord restaurant and selecting a huge plate full of your favorite foods. The bees are spoilt for choice, as they forage nectar from the myriads of wildflower in the Hanmer region. Hanmer Springs Wildflower suggests the bees have had some fun making this medley of flavors in the early summer days. It’s an easy honey to eat on buttery toast or simply on a hunk of cheese for a quick snack.

Our Hamner Honeydew honey and mixed floral manuka honey are also delicious.

Honey producer area
Nectar source
Mellow butterscotch
Palatable, Creamed
Where to buy
TWIZEL: Twizel 4 Square, Sweet Moos || OMARAMA: Pink Gliders Cafe || HANMER SPRINGS: Salt n Pepper Fresh, Hanmer Springs i-Site || GARSTON: Garstons Hunny Shop || MOSSBURN: Bracken Hall
Hanmer Wildflower honey - 250g