Mānuka honey is a strongly flavoured rich honey that comes from the nectar of the mānuka bush. These tall tree-like bushes grow naturally in New Zealand and have a beautiful white flower. Manuka honey is sometimes described as "earthy and complex" and it's unique taste epitomises New Zealand back-country bush.

manuka flower

Medical benefits

Mankua honey is used by many for it's medicinal properties. Although this character is questioned by some in the scientific community, honey with a high manuka content is now used by some doctors to treat wounds and sores. Some also find that it is a good soother for sore throats.


Since 2018, all mānuka honey exported from New Zealand must pass official MPI (Ministry for primary industries) tests in order to be labeled mānuka honey. Swarming Sons do not export mānuka and therefore tend not to test, however our long family experience knows that our mānuka is among some of the finest in New Zealand.