The Swarming Son's target mono floral type honey sourced from three magical locations in the South Island of New Zealand. Whether you enjoy honey on toast, in your morning cuppa or on your oats, The Swarming Sons have the perfect honey for you.

New Zealand has a large range of beautiful honeys sourced from native and pastoral flora. The diversity of our rainfall, terrain and soil type is part of the magical ingredient which makes our honey taste so good.

Clover prefers deep heavy soil, whereas viper’s bugloss favours the dry stony hills to the east. Alpine mountain regions, forming the backbone of our South Island, grow Manuka and Beech forest, home of Manuka honey and Honeydew.

Fiordland, the Mackenzie Country and Hanmer Springs, where the Swarming Sons hang out, are ideal locations to target mono floral type honeys. In the summer months we do our best to place our hives where there is mass flowering of one floral type and then it’s up to the bees to do what they do and collect the nectar.

Just good Artisan Honey

Once the honey boxes are full of honey, we heave them onto the truck and take it back to our honey sheds where the honey is extracted from the frames. Taste is all important to us, and only the best is selected for the Swarming Sons range – the finest each region has to offer.

This honey is filtered to remove any stray wax and as honey crystallises naturally and can be a bit rough on the palate, we like to control the size of the crystals by creaming our honey. We begin with some already creamed honey as a starter template for the granulation; add it to our liquid honey, then carefully stir. There is a bit of an art to getting this just right, but Tom is learning the process under the guidance of an old master honey creamer, and honey lovers are raving about the results – smooth, spreadable and quite yummy.

We have chosen to put our honey in a glass jar, which once empty (that won’t take long!) will look good repurposed in your pantry or can be recycled.

The Swarming Sons operate under a Risk Management Program administered by the Ministry of Primary Industries. New Zealand’s strict export and traceability rules mean you will be eating only quality Pure New Zealand Honey